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Canyon Kamacnik

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Kamačnik is located near Vrbovskog. The starting point for a tour of the canyon Kamačnik is on the bank on river Dobru, where there is a restaurant. At the entrance to canyon there are remains of an old sawmill, which completes the picture of canyon. From here, begins the walking track long three kilometers, leading to the spring Kamačnik. The track is surrounded by beautiful nature. Part of the track is located next to a stream, and in some places the trac involves crossing wooden bridges over streams and  leads to a green valley where the spring is.

Lokvarsko Lake

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Lokvarsko Lake is an artificial lake about 40m depth and the size of about 2.5 km2. The lake was created by building a dam that  stopped  river “Lokvarka”.  Works had lasted continuously from the 1952nd to 1954th year. The construction of the dam flooded the village whit  69 houses, three sawmills,candy shop,small restaurant and chapel.

Zeleni Vir

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Zeleni vir i Vraziji prolaz can be found in the canyon, beneath “skrada”. Declared geomorphological reserve in 1962. year, and is spread over an area of about 200 hectares.

Park-forest Golubinjak

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Park- Forest Golubinjak is located about one mile from the centre Lokovo. Golubinjak has been declared a protected forest- park in 1955th and occupies an area whit size of 51 hectares. This place has nature beauty characteristic for “Goranski” landscape.

National park Risnjak

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This park is also declared a national park 1953rd by suggesiton of dr. Ivo Horvat.  The specificity of this region, and also the reason why it was declared a national park is in the fackt that it is  in a relatively small area and it contains many geological and geomorphological, vegetation, climate and pedological phenomena.


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